Technical Symposium 50th Celebration Submissions

Celebrating the 50th symposium is a true milestone for our community and if you have an idea for how we should celebrate, now is your chance to submit!

This is a special call for participation in conjunction with SIGCSE 2019 for peer-reviewed submissions that utilize the theme of the 50th symposium. Papers, panels, and special sessions are encouraged to use this theme and to create submissions using the regular SIGCSE 2019 submissions system.

For papers, you will submit to the “Curriculum Initiatives” paper track. Panels and special sessions will submit to the panels or special sessions track. Please be sure to check “Yes, the submission is related to the 50th SIGCSE Technical Symposium”. All submissions with this designation will be peer reviewed the same as the other submissions to the symposium and accepted submissions will be highlighted as part of the 50th celebration events.


If you have questions about anything discussed above, please contact the 50th Celebration Planning Committee Team.