SIGCSE 2019 Best Papers

CS Education Research track

Best paper: “First Things First: Providing Metacognitive Scaffolding for Interpreting Problem Prompts” by James Prather, Raymond Pettit, Brett A. Becker, Paul Denny, Dastyni Loksa, Alani Peters, Zachary Albrecht, Krista Masci. Fri 11:10am, Hyatt: Greenway J (2nd floor)

2nd Best paper: “Assessing Incremental Testing Practices and Their Impact on Project Outcomes” by Ayaan M. Kazerouni, Clifford A. Shaffer, Stephen H. Edwards, Francisco Servant Thu 3:45pm, Hyatt: Greenway D/E (2nd floor)

3rd Best paper: “Exploring the Value of Different Data Sources for Predicting Student Performance in Multiple CS Courses” by Soohyun Nam Liao, Daniel Zingaro, Christine Alvarado, William G. Griswold, Leo Porter. Thu 11:10am, Millennium: Grand South (1st floor)

Experience Reports and Tools

Best paper: “Computer Science Principles for Teachers of Blind and Visually Impaired Students” by Andreas Stefik, Richard E. Ladner, William Allee, Sean Mealin. Fri 2:10pm, Millennium: Grand South (1st floor)

2nd Best paper: “Developing Soft and Technical Skills Through Multi-Semester, Remotely Mentored, Community-Service Projects” by Janet Davis, Samuel A. Rebelsky.
Thu 11:10am, Hyatt: Greenway J (2nd floor)

3rd Best paper: “Visualizing Classic Synchronization Problems: Dining Philosophers, Producers-Consumers, and Readers-Writers” by Joel C. Adams, Elizabeth R. Koning, Christiaan D. Hazlett.
Fri 4:35pm, Millennium: Grand South (1st floor)

New Curricula, Programs, Degrees, and Position Paper track

Best paper: “);DROP TABLE textbooks;–: An Argument for SQL Injection Coverage in Database Textbooks” by Cynthia Taylor, Saheel Sakharkar.
Thu 2:10pm, Hyatt: Greenway A (2nd floor)

2nd Best paper: “A Flexible Curriculum for Promoting Inclusion through Peer Mentorship” by Heather Pon-Barry, Audrey St. John, Becky Wai-Ling Packard, Barbara Rotundo.
Sat 12:05pm, Hyatt: Greenway J (2nd floor)

3rd Best paper: “PythonSneks: An Open-Source, Instructionally-Designed Introductory Curriculum with Action-Design Research” by Austin Cory Bart, Allie Sarver, Michael Friend, Larry Cox Thu 1:45pm, Millennium: Grand Central (1st floor)